Home equipment for
production of mead

13 April 2019

Domestic equipment for the production of mead does not differ significantly from the equipment used by home brewers or vintners.   However, to facilitate beginners of the miodosytnika we will replace the equipment we need to create mead.   To sort out and make it easier for novice honeys to divide the necessary equipment into two categories. Essential and basic as well as secondary and additional equipment. 

Cylinder, balloon or fermentor 
It is an element of the home appliances of miodosytni, which boldly state that is definitely the most associated with home made wine or honey.   There are many different containers for fermentation. They can be traditional glass bottles or balloons that come in all sizes. Their advantage is durability (if only we deal with them skillfully) and a guarantee that no undesirable chemicals will get into our drink.

Another container and it could be a plastic bucket for fermentation (well-known homemade brewer).   The advantage of these containers is their price (they are cheaper than those of glass), easy access to the interior which is especially useful when we clean such a fermenter. Another important advantage is that they are both light-proof and can be stacked on top of each other, making it easy to store our liquors.   Although in theory, in such a plastic fermenter, there should not be any adverse reactions with our drinking honey, these containers are not the best solution for prolonged aging of the alcoholic drink.

Fermentation tube with a stopper 
Each container for fermentation must be topped with so-called fermentation tube with a stopper. Such a tube has a very important task. It is supposed to allow carbon dioxide (CO2) to leak out of the bottle, and oxygen and microorganisms do not have access to our drink. 
For the fermentation tube to fulfill its function, there must be water in it that will allow the CO2 to be freely released from the settings, and at the same time it will not allow anything from the outside to enter the interior of the cylinder. 

The funnel is one of the indispensable elements of home-made alcohol production. The bigger the better. We will need it when we pour our wort into the bottle.

Wavy line 
A snake is an important domestic equipment for a honey house. It is often rubber, needle or silicone. We will need a tube about 6-8 weeks after setting our drinking honey and we will use it many times. It serves primarily for the removal of honey from the sediment of dead yeast and other impurities.   

The bottle / balloon, fermentation tube, funnel and tubing are four absolutely necessary accessories needed in home-made mead. 
In the following, we will present the remaining equipment. It is worth noting that without the accessories below we can get around it but they are an important element in creating really good liquors and they make our work easier.

A large pot or bucket 
Needed to mix honey with water or juice. If you want to make honey saturated, definitely a pot will be necessary. However, in the case of unsaturated honeys, a large bucket is enough for you. Ideally, these dishes will be a few liters larger than our container, in which we will ferment. 

A long spoon 
The best is stainless steel or temperature-resistant plastic and approved for contact with food.

What a thermometer is and what everyone knows. It is worth investing in a good gastronomic thermometer that accurately and quickly measures the temperature. We will use it, for example, when we want to check the temperature of the water to which we will add our way.

The right pH is a very important element in the fermentation of mead. To determine if the pH of the honey wort is appropriate, you will need to measure or an acid meter.

Saccharimeter / hydrometer 
If you plan to approximate the sugar content in your setting, and consequently get to know the approximate value of alcohol in the final product, it is worth investing in it. Cukromierz will allow us to check whether our fermentation is going properly or has ended, and will also ultimately determine the approximate level of alcohol in our mead. When buying a hydrometer it is worth paying attention to its scale. Honey is characterized by high concentration of sugars. On the other hand, the chromirimeter used in beer production operates on a scale with considerably lower measurement values. 

Brush for cleaning balloons 
It is a special, flexible brush that will allow us to reach the farthest corners of our fermentation balloons. However, if you plan to ferment and aging your honeys in plastic fermented tracks or jars with a large diameter of the neck, then buying a brush will not be necessary. 

A pipette or a wine / honey probe 
This will allow us to take samples of honey to carry out measurements such as pH , sugar content, temperature, but also taste and smell. Of course similar functions can be fulfilled by our hose for removing honey. 

Disinfection is a very important issue when making home-made spirits, so you should also buy appropriate disinfectants.

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