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What we do

... and what is the purpose of this

History and tradition

We promote the history of miodosytnictwa and widely promote the traditional taste of honey drinks.ja

The best products

We present and promote the best honey drinks available in Poland and in the world

Culture of eating

We believe that a closer look at the world of mead may translate into the perception of them as a noble drink.

Propagating knowledge

We share a wide knowledge about honeys by organizing meetings, conferences and trainings.


not only about mead

Home equipment for
production of mead

Domestic equipment for the production of mead does not differ significantly from the equipment used by home brewers or vintners. However, to facilitate beginners of the mead makers we will replace the equipment we need to create mead.

Yeast. What are they
and how they work?

The next essential ingredient to create the nectar of the gods is yeast. One may be tempted to say that it is the yeast that performs the hardest work.

What is mead?

Mead is nothing else but an alcoholic drink was created as a result of fermentation, where the yeast process bees honey with the addition of water for alcohol.


The world of mead

find the best mead, look for a place where you will get it ...

The world of mead

Look into the world of mead and choose the best one for you.

Find an interesting place

Find meadery in your area. Look for a store, restaurant or pub ...


drinks, baked goods, main dishes ...