The dark side of the popularity of honey.

Beekeepers die bees, honey, hives, and sometimes even whole apiaries. Thieves are most likely dishonest beekeepers who use honey for their honey at the expense of their honest colleagues. Detection of these crimes is almost nil.

As “Gazeta Wyborcza” writes, bee honey is currently enjoying enormous popularity in Poland, which is why it is a very desirable commodity. To the extent that some manufacturers are taking shortcuts and robbing other beekeepers.

Bees with bee is worth about PLN 1,400. In large apiaries there are even half a thousand. Therefore, theft is very profitable, the more so because the police practically do not detect the perpetrators. The sale of stolen hives takes place mainly on the Internet. This is a big problem in the whole country – says the newspaper Józef Zysk, president of the Provincial Union of Beekeepers in Olsztyn, also a victim of theft. – Some people steal to sell the beehives to another beekeeper and earn, but I think that they also steal beekeepers – he adds.

As the thieves are often the amateurs who collect honey orders, but then can not meet these obligations, for, for example, their bees have become extinct throughout the winter. Such people, however, usually steal on a limited scale.

They also include theft of several dozens of hives or even entire hives, which means that the profession is dealt with by professional producers. It happens that honey is centrifuged with patches on the spot. – I am most afraid that if nothing changes, there will be less and less willing to run apiaries – says Zysk.

In relation beekeepers shows that even a dozen years ago beekeeping was not very profitable, because the retail market practically did not exist. In recent years, there has been a real boom in this area, and more people are taking to beekeeping. A liter of honey at retail costs at least PLN 40.


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