Veal liver with dried pears a’la “Trybunalski”

750g of calf liver 100g of dried pear1 cup of mead-pot “Tribunal” 1 onion 1 spoon of marjoram450 g peeled potatoes2 tablespoons of butter1 / 3 cups of cream, pepper, nutmeg

Remove the liver from the membranes, cut into 1 cm slices. Boil the potatoes in salted water. Push through the press. Add butter, cream and nutmeg, mix. Pour the liver slices with flour and fry them in hot oil. Remove the liver from the pan and fry onions cut into thin rings. Add the dried pears and pour over all the honey. Cook on a high heat and add liver slices to the sauce at the end of the evaporation. Give the liver a mashed potato with a sauce.


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